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Complimenting Women

compliment Complimenting Women
In today’s world, should you really be complimenting women? The difference between women and men is that women are used to compliments and men are not. You shouldn’t be throwing out compliments, especially when it’s a compliment that you don’t really mean. For instance, if you go up to a woman and say “Hey, I think you’re very attractive and have gorgeous eyes”, she’ll know that you aren’t being sincere. Instead, if you’re going to compliment women, you should use a spontaneous, sincere and original compliment. For example, noticing how her jewelry is captivating.

The Best Compliments You Can Give

Usually the best compliments are when they are coming from another woman  since this tends to happen a lot less. If you’re going to throw in a neg instead of a compliment, then you can experiment by saying she looks a little older, or by simply asking if her nails are real, little things like that might make her chase you a little more for attention. However, when you throw a neg, make sure it’s not entirely negative.

Your negs should always be light and playful. If instead it comes off as an insult, you’re going the wrong way. Just try it as a social experiment and observe the results.

If you think that insulting women will help you pick up women, then you’re dead wrong. I think this is the first lesson that most guys learn when they start experimenting with negs. They usually go overboard and completely missing the point.

compliment needs Complimenting Women

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2 Responses

March 17, 2009

It’s really hard to find the balance between complimenting and negs. I like to bounce back and forth between them and I find that women react really well to that.

Took me a while, once I insulted a girl that I really liked… never recovered from that one. Gotta lose some to learn!

March 17, 2009

Don’t ever insult a girl, she’ll remember long after even if you’re successful with her!
Instead, imagine you’ve known her for a long time and tease her