Good Openers

In our fast paced world, having a few good openers is essential if you plan on being successful in seduction. That’s because a lot of the time when you’re going about your day, you’ll see a beautiful woman and your mind will go absolutely blank. Having a few good openers prepared in advance will allow you to go in and open the conversation without even thinking. This is especially important for guys that have approach anxiety because the longer you think about it, the least likely you are to approach a girl.

Before we dive into what a good and bad opener is, let’s go over the purpose of an opener. The purpose of an opener is to simply start a conversation. It’s the ice-breaker, the attention getter that will get you and the girl into a conversation. Usually openers are only a few seconds long, after that you’re into routines, stories and games. The big fallacy that most guys follow is that they try to cram everything into an opener. They try to build attraction, qualify, build comfort and attraction all at the same time… Stop! Just say something that starts a conversation and THEN take it from there.

So what makes a good opener?

Well for the reason above, simply saying “Hi” does work. Sure it’s not very original, but what really matters is what follows after. In fact, there was a group of pick up artists that went out to prove that openers really didn’t matter so they had a little event where they opened all night with the strangest, most ludicrous openers imaginable. You’d have a guy go up to a girl and say: “Hey I lost my friend” and then start talking from there. That was relatively normal, but others such as “Hi, I’m an alien from outer space and I’m here to abduct you” worked just as well.

In essence, anything you say can be a good opener as long as it captures attention.

Here are some of the best openers:

  • Hey there (not very classy, I know)
  • Hey I have a quick question before I get back to my friends… Who lies more? Men or women ? (overused)
  • Did you see the two girls fighting outside? Yeah, they were fighting over a guy.
  • Hi, I’m from (interesting place) and I’m just wondering if people are friendly here.

I’d love to hear from the community. If you have a good opener, then please add it in the comments.

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August 14, 2009

Hi! Waiting for someone to save you? (my favourite :-))

September 12, 2009

I liked the last one! 😀

September 15, 2009

Here’s a good opener and as far as I’m concerned it’s the best one I’ve heard. It’s a matter of being honest, playful and it also builds attraction.

“Hi! I know this might sound a little strange but I noticed you and I just had to come over and say Hi. You’re really cute” My name is (insert_name)” The key is to say this with a smile, and if the opportunity is there don’t miss your opportunity to tease her a bit. It kills the “awkwardness of your approach, but it also shows that you’re being honest and confident. Body language also helps a lot try to put yourself in a position where you are equally, or more relaxed than her.

November 19, 2009

I just have one problem with this, I’m in school so if i get rejected i have to see the girl everyday, so does anyone have any good openers for that????

December 8, 2009

if you are in school then an opener is probably too hard to conduct. If you are funny, witty, smart, and have some status during conversations with her then she will naturally become attracted to you. Openers is more of an approach in the outside world. I was funny and had a lot of status and girls were just naturally attracted to me.

December 9, 2009

(1)g-day (pause and turn your head slightly to the side and give a cheeky grin)

have you got any australian in you ….

(2) hi (pause)
(lean towards them and talk in a quiet voice) have you ever blacked’out after sleeping with someone (then just walk away 8 times out of ten they will sooner or later walk up to you and asked why or what did you say) then with a sly smile say- well i was just wondering if it was just me or did other men have the same affect on women

December 17, 2009
Chuck Diesel

1.Hey my buddy just gotta puppy and asked my opinion so and I just want to ask you should he name the puppy “chachi” or”fonzie” yeah there both names from that tv show happy days. 2. She’ll smile or laugh and then ask what type of dog. Make~up some breed and wild color and then respond by saying “Omg your nose wiggles when you talk…aww thats cute. No please say something else.” 3. Begin to look around as if you have lost interest and then slightly touch her arm and say “I’ve gotta catch up with my friends but I would really like to continue this conversation.” Unless you talk like Forrest Gump or look like Shaquille O’neal she’ll respond with “I can give you my number” or “let me give you my number”. FYI only perform this one at a grocery store, bookstore, or shopping mall. FYI don’t be talking about dogs at the nightclub!

January 24, 2010

nice smile you have there…
wanna see mine?

January 24, 2010
A Guy

approach the girl,
and say “Hey,see that guy over there, (point at some random guy) he’s a fortune-teller..
He told me I’d be talking to a very attractive girl right about…. (pretend like checking the time on your watch) now.. and smile at her.

trust me it works.

March 28, 2010
charlie higgins

im a high school thats trying to get his game right with girls…. but unfortunately when i start talking i choke then forget what to say. any pointers????

April 25, 2010

heyyy i think suddenly is an good operner because its an suspence operner on it could be in the middle as well and i think speech is an good one and names thats my opinion xx

April 26, 2010

my personal favorite opener at a bar is this one:

-if the girl is drinking…
“you know, you can tell a lot about the person by what theyre drinking”
if she responds positively and doesnt blow you off, she will ask how, or why.
you can respond to this however you want, but heres an example of what ive said in the past.

“if its a cocktail or fruity drink, the person has a sweet tooth and enjoys tropical weather. if it’s a beer, theyre playing it casual and safe. if its wine, they like to think of themselves as classy. if its a hard spirit or on the rocks, they’re borderline alcoholics. Unfortunately for you, i mix.

Another great one that can either cockblock you or help break the ice is at the bar, you make eye contact with the girl and ask her if she wants a “little cheeky tequila”. Add cheeky in front of anything and it legitimizes what you say in a playful way.

May 30, 2010

Nice legs. What time do they open?
It may be a needle but it moves like a sewing machine

August 12, 2010

Hey, somebody farted, let’s get out of here.

August 12, 2010

Do you believe in lover from the first sight or should i approach you again?

September 1, 2010

if there in ur class 4 antything ask them if theres any homework and if there is ask her for idead or ask 2 have her tutor u 😛

September 8, 2010

after you get to talking,,before you leave
ask if her boy friend would be mad if i gave you my #…

she will say one of the following
2-maby if i had one (go 4 it)
3-he’s gone for the week (still go 4 it)
4- i dont have one let me have it

and remember to give her your # (unless she RELLY wants you to have hers)
so if she WANTS she will call you
–make her feel like shes in power

September 13, 2010

hey please suggest mein some openers or how to approach a gal in class or at malls.

October 28, 2010

alright so im 18 how would u walk up to a girl and just start a conversation out of mid air?

November 9, 2010
Chris Horn

It’s fairly simple to start a conversation out of nowhere, just talk about your surroundings or anything that you notice you have in common. At the end of a coversation, if you think she acted interested at all, offer your number. She will eithe offer you hers, shut you down, or accept and never contact you. It’s a really good way to check if you made any progress in your first conversation, or if she really was interested at all.

November 22, 2010

One that got a laugh on some Aussies girls last nite, i rolled up on them and asked if they were animal lovers?? some were some weren’t. Anyway i basically said i had rescued a small kitten that had fell in the drain. I said rather then give him to the RSPCA and have him put down i decided to keep him but haven’t got any name for him as yet.. So i asked them if they could recommend some names. They started calling out some names but then i said the only problem is that he’s only got 3 legs!!! haha the looks on their faces changed.. i told them that the only name i could come up with was tripod and what did they think??? etc.. got a few laughs and told i was so sweet etc.. anyway to make aq long story short, i got Sophies number. If all else fails revert back to the shady friend opener!! it’s simple and effective. If you get knocked back then just remember they aren’t rejecting you, they were rejecting you’re technique!!! coz how could they reject you??? they don’t even know you!!!! 🙂 it’s just more feedback fo ya haha

December 6, 2010

A opener that works for me is:

Hey, i just got bored over there thinking of an opener. So i just desided to come without one. (then just start a conversation from there. Or say something like: Do you want me to leave and come back with one later?

(It can be a ” yes “, with a smile then shes teasing you and you can start a conversation, ” hahaha no its fine ” or its a ” no just dont come back at all “. Either way you seemed funny and you went for it. Gets you a clear view if she liked it or not)

It shows you have confidence and that your honest and funny.

December 12, 2010

Hey im a little stuck here. i danced with this one girl at a halloween dance about a motnh ago at my school. i dated another girl afterwards , not realizing the girl i danced with liked me. i liked her at the beginning b4 anyone else but i didnt take the chance because i was nervous (scared out of my skin) i really want to get to know her and possibly date her later on, but she doesnt seem to show any interest in me anynmore. while i was dating this other girl whever i walekd by the girl i danced with she would smile at me and i would smile back, but a few days b4 the gir,l and i broke up, she stopped smiling at me in the halls between class, so now im broken up with the other girl and praying for a chance with this girl. I need a way to get her # or msn or anything could somebody give me any pointers on what to say or do? would be very much appreciated

December 20, 2010

An opener can be divided into three parts: 1) point something out and ask a question 2) establish who you are 3) smoothly transitioning into casual (or exciting) conversation.

The thing most guys have trouble with is they put too much effort into trying to come up with something great to point out which sometimes isnt that bad of an idea but stalling to have something cool to say has a negative impact on guys who overthink things or guys who get nervous easily. It will lead to doubt (which is very bad) and will cause the whole event to become more important than it actually is or even worse make the whole situation not worth it. The worst mind set a guy can have is when he starts thinking that its not worth the possible embarresment to talk with that girl or he starts thinking that the girl is out of his league NEVER DO THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LEAGUES (unless your in highschool which is completely different universe to the outside world anyway)

All right i understand that tho informative and motivating my information is not helpful in figuring out what to say to start conversation. To get a conversationg going use the enviroment around you and use it to ask a non yes or no question (its simplest summary i can give). For example: If your in a library or bookstore then point out a book and ask about it preferably one she has or is looking at; if you are in a bar point out a particular aspect of a drink preferably hers and ask a question about it; If you are at the mall are any particular store point out something of (fake) interest to you that she is either looking at or is holding. Any of these examples is part one of a good opener.

After you have pointed something out and asked a non yes or no question then at this point the girl should be responding to your comment. pay attention and make sure you look like your paying attention too. Now this is the important point once she is done talking remember to introduce your self i recommend something like “oh btw my name’s kody” its short simple and too the point and in return she should give her name. and concludes part two of openers

once you have established yourself your opener is complete but thats not where it all ends its now time to keep the girl talking. Uninvasively probe the girl with more non yes or no questions and then before you know it you will have started a conversation with a girl. The rest is up too you