When To Call A Girl After A Second Date & How Timing Is Important

There is a lot of information out there about how to go by contacting a girl after a second date and often the advice is just bogus. The truth is there is no real set rules, it simply depends on the girl, how you connect, the chemistry you had on the first and second date and the overall vibe you get off her (and she gets off you).

Of course there are general rules you want to follow, such as not seeming too needy, as women really hate that. However, also playing hard to get may portray this hard bad boy image that some girls like, but honestly, if you take it too far, she might simply think you are not interest and move on… girl lost!

So if we think about it, there really is an intermediate point, a balance to consider for deciding when to call after a second date and doing it right is not so difficult really.

My advice is to consider the following points. We may be men after all, but we too have brains and are able to recognise certain signs and signals, we just need to learn to be attuned to them and trust our original instincts about how she may see us.

  • – Did she engage in topics you brought up that interest you?
  • – Was she engaging your eyes when communicating?
  • – Did she smile, did the smile look genuine?
  • – Was her body / torso facing forward? Sitting to the side is a sign she may not be comfortable.

The list can go on, but honestly, unless we are blind or self-centred, we know when a date went well or not… and if you are not too sure, send her a short concise text letting her know you had a good time. If she replies, then you got a good change of seeing her again.