How To Look Good

I’m sure you’ve heard guys say that looks don’t matter, but they really do to some extent. It’s not that it’s your appearance will be the deciding factor on getting girls, but being handsome sure does help. Here are my best tips for looking great before meeting girls.

1. To get the “pumped look”, you just need to do a few sets of weights right before going out.

2. You should always be clean shaven and wear a good lotion on your face like oil of Olay or Nivea’s skin firming.

3. If you can, wear colored contact lenses…..especially blue. You’ll have a bunch of girls talking to you if they look good.

4. Alright this one is a little out there, but you might want to try padded underwear if your butt is flat. I own 2 pairs and the last girl I was with knew about it and said it makes me look way better.

5. Make sure to wear nice shoes and a cool watch.

6. As far as style goes, the nicer the better. Most of the shirts I wear have a collar and most of my pants are khakis. That being said, a few years ago jeans were in so that trend might come back. Stick with what’s fashionable. 

7. One thing that really matters is a haircut. Just ask your hairdresser for something that would look good on you. They are usually pretty good at that sort of thing and if they aren’t, then you should change hair salon.

So what else should I do to look good ? Any other tips ?


Answer on looking good:

I for one noticed a huge difference when I dress better. I try to strike a balance between looking like I don’t care while still dressing nicely. I tend to lean more towards the dressy side, but I try not over do it. I have a friend who uses the “I don’t give care about my looks” look — but even his unkempt appearance is so calculated.

Walking the streets of New York city everyday when I go to my job, I get lots of looks. Especially when I dress better. I usually wear boot cut gap pants (get the cut called Hipster — I had two comments from hotties at work specifically about the pants.. this was the first day I wore them)

I have a nice pair of black square front Skechers with just a slightly chunky sole — not too much though, you don’t want to look like your wearing platforms. You can buy 300 dollar shoes, but most women won’t know the difference. If you feel better over-paying for a stupid piece of leather, go ahead. what really matters is that they are new and clean.

Also, if you you work out like I do and like to show it, get a shirt that fits snugly, but not too tight — and the sleeves shouldn’t be too short. You want to have just enough to have a little bicep showing. I listen to girls talk about this shit all the time in the lunchroom at the office. They think that tight shirts with super short sleeves can look a little gay. Girls like confidence, but modesty is hot also. There’s a Venezeulan girl at my office who says exactly what’s on her mind. She told me that she likes how she can see my shape under the shirt, but she can’t see what I had for lunch. It still depends on your personality…if you’re built like Wesley Snipes and like wearing a fitted shirt to show off your hard work, then go ahead, but MOST girls think it looks cheesy.

Funky button-down shirts are great also. Again, go in the middle somewhere — you don’t want to look like you’re in the Russian Mafia or something(with a big ass collar and wild colors, but don’t get one of those Macy’s button-down collar dress shirts either. H + M might be cheap, but if they don’t have some cool looking button-downs for about 20 bucks a pop.(not crazy about the rest of their stuff) I get sick when I look in the back of Maxim at their style section and see some disgruntled model wearing a $200 dollar t-shirt and a $450 dollar pair of pants.

A cool hair cut can’t hurt either.

If you care about your appearance, girls will notice.

Additional Tips on Looking Good:

Another look is preppy which is a dressy casual style. Short sleeve solid color polo knit shirts (white and navy are the classic colors), solid-color canvas short-sleeve shirts (stick with solids and you can wear strong colors without looking like a side show attraction), long sleeve button down white oxford cloth shirts; khakis in tan, olive, and black; thin wool sweaters in solid neutral colors.

Finally the other classic looks work too. Jeans that aren’t faded too much with a bright white T-shirt (with no logo or screen printing on it), or all black: black jeans, black T-shirt, black shoes. Just be sure all the blacks are the same shade or really close

4 Responses

March 15, 2009

I really notice a difference in the way girls look at me when I’m wearing nice clothes, as many guys say, it’s not all about the looks… but it helps!

March 15, 2009

A few years ago I was under the impression that was one of the worst looking guys in the world. This was just my perception… and it was false. Since then I’ve been buying nice clothes, going to the gym and really watching what I eat.

Now? I’d actually consider myself good looking.. you can really go from ugly duckling to pua.

March 15, 2009

Right on, bookmarked this list for later. Keep up the good tips man

March 15, 2009

Gotta get me some shoes now… been putting it off for a while!