Backing The Art Of Seduction With Science

Spotting a genuine smile

For most of us, we try and better our dating game.

When we fail, we end up going online and looking at dozens of websites that fall on the first page of Google for advice. We naturally assume this advice must be good, however, do we really know how good this information really is?


For the first time ever, I came across a website called WayTooSocial that offers information on science backed dating advice, discussing things from the importance of making girls smile all the way to developing a long term relationship.

So let us take a look at some of this science backed advice:

How To Tell If A Smile Is Genuine

Smiling is contagious, and by smiling at her she will automatically smile back. The idea here is to make her feel good as studies show that by simply smiling you start to feel good… however, the trick here is to spot a genuine smile and make sure she is not smiling back just because she feels sorry for you.

Importance Of Sensitivity & Honesty

Starting off any relationship with dishonesty and cockiness is a recipe for failure. It may work to start off with, however, it is only a matter of time when they realize you have been living a lie.
A partner desire study by Taylor & Francis show that “honesty & trustworthiness” & “sensitivity” are the most desired characteristic in married women.

Breaking Up & How To Move On

When we break up with someone we feel guilty for trying to move on too soon, we naturally try and think of that person because we care about them so much.
This very much becomes a battle between you as a person and your inner feelings and it is only a matter of time before you realize you as an individual are more important than the feelings you poses.

A survey done by the Breakup App shows that the average painfulness of a breakup is very high regardless of what age you are. This shows that the majority of people of different age groups feel high levels of pain during breakups… showing that we all need to learn how to move on for a better future, regardless of how painful it is

Pain factor after breakups for different age groups