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How To Get A Girlfriend

get a girlfriend How To Get A Girlfriend
As a dating coach, pretty much everywhere I go there are guys that are wondering how to get a girlfriend to embellish their lives. They want love, attraction, lust,  someone to watch movies with and of course,  someone to make love to. Unfortunately, the guys that say they need a girlfriend … well, most of the time, they are also the least likely guys to get one.

That’s because a lot of the time, those guys come from a place of need. If you’ve ever heard the term “being needy”, then that’s exactly what we’re talking about. If you’ve ever said: “If only I had a girlfriend, then everything would be O.K. and I’d be happy”, then you”re looking for a girlfriend in order to fix your life. This is a huge mistake, but we’ll fix it!

First, Don’t be Needy

The primary step in actually getting a girlfriend is to come from a place of abundance and happiness. Girls will be attracted to you if you’re already content with your life and you’re not looking at them to fill some emotional or physical need that needs filling. Why is that? Well, for one, being needy screams of desperation. Being desperate means that no one else wants you, which consequently lowers your social status and makes you very unattractive. Not to mention, being needy is just annoying, repelling and definitely not something you want in your life.

That being said, there is a huge difference between being needed and being wanted. If you go completely in the opposite direction and you pretend you don’t care at all for a girl, you definitely won’t be any closer to getting a girlfriend in your life. Everyone wants to feel wanted… but for the right reasons. When you’re with a girl that seems to be girlfriend worthy, then make sure she knows, consciously or unconsciously, why you like her.

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