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What Attracts Women

attracts women What Attracts Women
You can imagine a typical scenario where guys, huddled around a table, are discussing what attracts women. They’ll usually point out that power, money and looks are the key factors in attracting females. Although those factors might help, they certainly aren’t the only things and definitely not the most powerful ones. We’ll explore how women work and what really triggers attraction.

One of the large differences between men and women is that females are usually much more prone to notice the details than men. While most guys will only notice an attractive body and a nice face, women will notice posture, body language, personality, social status and the list continues. This is great news for men everywhere because, let’s be honest, us guys usually look little rough around the edges. That’s fine because looking a little rough alludes to being strong and tough. Women LOVE that. If guys were trucks, would you really want your V8 truck to have a cute spoiler? No, you’d want a push-bar, huge mud tires and dirt.  Be a man and women will love it.

what attracts women What Attracts Women

Body Language Creates Attraction

Studies show that nearly 88% of human communication is non-verbal and is done through body language. This is why it is essential that you have great body language if you’re going to succeed in attracting women. What’s the best way to get great body language quickly? Well… the absolute quickest way would be to fake it. If you’re reading this on your BlackBerry or IPhone while in a bar, then sit up straight but don’t be stiff. Then you want to have a slightly leaned back appearance, as if a strong wind was pushing you back. Finally, your head should be up! The biggest mistake guys make in terms of body posture is to have their head down. Look up! Now the first time you take on this position, it’s likely that you’ll be pretty tense. The trick to having great body language is to be like this and relaxed at the same time.

Unfortunately, the chances of success if you’re faking body language are slim to none. About 5 minutes later, you’re likely going to forget to stand straight and slouch back to your old posture. After all, you’ve been the other way for years so it’s not in a few minutes that you’ll forever alter your posture.

If you’re truly serious about having a good posture (and you should because good posture is very attractive to women), then what you need to do is work on it on a consistent basis. For starters, you’ll need to begin exercising. Why? Because when you exercise, your body naturally takes a very attractive posture. After you’ve been lifting weights for an hour, you won’t be slouching nor will your head be down. Proper exercising produces naturally good posture. You can use this to your advantage and exercise before going out!

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March 10, 2010
chad p

i am deaf guy i seem some hearwomen person laugth me cuz i ihave show body language in some siign language and funny some chat with wirte make girls. or nut work?