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How to Dress To Attract Women

dressing properly How to Dress To Attract Women
I believe there’s a rather large misconception about how to dress to attract women. On the one hand, you have a group of people that what you wear really doesn’t matter and it’s not about your appearance. Contrastingly, there’s another crowd that says you need to dress up in a very clean and classy fashion to attract women. So who’s right? Are you supposed to dress up or simply not care?

Here’s the Real Answer About How To Dress:

You can’t put on horrible looking clothes, look lousy and then expect to automatically get a ton of attention from women. Dressing nice is more of a stepping stone to attracting beautiful girls, and if you choose to skip this step, you can still get there, but with a lot more effort. It’s possible to attract beautiful women to you even when you’re not looking great but the whole process, especially at the earlier stages, is much more difficult.

Any dating coach will tell you that it’s worth it to maximize your appearance and to look as good as possible with the available funds that you have. Then, no matter how good you are at seduction, at least you’ll get the best possible results for your level of skill. If you aren’t looking your best, then you’re only making it more difficult for yourself.

how to dress How to Dress To Attract Women

So What EXACTLY Should You Wear?

The answer of what you should wear changes for everyone, but as a general rule you should wear whatever gives you the most confidence. If you feel great when you’re wearing a suit, then get the best suit you can possibly find. If you’re more along the lines of a cool guy, then wear cool clothes. You have to choose your style, and then wear the best clothes that you can find in that particular style. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars, as long as it’s fashionable and new, you’re set.

Like birds of a certain feather flock together, humans are the same way. If you dress cool, you’ll get cool girls, if you get classy, you’ll get classy… dress geeky, you’ll get geeky. The most successful guys I have ever seen always dress very nice mixed in with slightly kinky. You’ll notice that the hottest girls are drawn to this.

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3 Responses

July 13, 2010
joe mama

I think this also has to do with the atmosphere your in. Obvisously if I am at the dog park I am not wearing designer clothes. Sometimes I don’t care what people think of how I dress. Sometimes as an older man 47 , I do not mind wearing band shirts, or a denim jacket. I would rather wear that than the stupid clothes on 2 and half men. That stuff screams gay. and preppy. Like the members only jackets what a fad. Metal rules ..

October 5, 2010
Erfolg bei Frauen

Good points, Chris. And I really believe that it´s understatement what girls do like on a man. You should always wear high quality clothes but not the ones with a Hilfiger label from shoulder to shoulder and defenitely not to much bling-bling.

October 26, 2010

I appreciate this article. This is much, more than enough. I have understood the things. How to do.
Dressing well is very necessary for every one. And it helps me, to understand the way to dress well.