How To Pick Up A Girl When You’re Waiting in Line In The Store

pickupI’m sure you’ve been there before, you’re waiting in line in a store, waiting to acquire a new item and you catch a glimpse of a gorgeous girl in line. Knowing how to pick up a girl while you’re waiting in a store really isn’t any different from any other type of pickup, and I’ll show you how to do it without even lifting a finger. First, let’s get the conclusion out of the way, the real key to picking up a girl is to figure out what you like in her that’s not related to her physical appearance. Phrased differently because it’s important and I really want to drive the point home: When you approach a girl to pick her up, you need to figure out what you like in her (if anything) other than her good looks. If you adopt that philosophy, you’ll have the right frame of mind and you’re entire interaction will go smoothly.

Getting the Girl Without Lifting a Finger

Here’s the typical scenario when a guy sees an attractive girl in a social setting such as store. First his heart rate accelerates, he takes a second glance, hoping she’ll be looking at him but unfortunately, she’s busy shopping. After that, his mind goes blank as he desperately tries to find something to say… he wants to start a normal conversation without sounding as if he’s trying to pick her up. Unfortunately, he can’t come up with anything decent so he watches her walk away. This is the exact same scenario illustrated as in the Double Your Dating review here.

If you’re going to be successful with women, instead of watching her walk away, you’re going to need to say something. Now keep in mind that while you’re shopping, it’s very possible that the girl in question is actually busy and in a rush. This happens frequently and therefore, when you open, you should be relatively polite. I know this goes against a LOT of good seduction knowledge out there that claim you need to be bold and manly when you approach girls, but let’s face it, you’re interrupting someone while they are busy shopping, so use some tact and it will go a long way.

Conversation in Line

The absolute easiest opener while standing in line is to make a comment about whatever the person is carrying and about to purchase. Now if they are standing in line about to purchase it, then it’s LIKELY that they like that product so you can immediately build rapport by saying that you like it as well. It can be anything from a piece of cake that she’s about to purchase from a cafe to a plunger she’s about to buy at the local hardware store. Just say that it’s good, that it’s your favorite or that you like it. It’s a great way to start a conversation on a positive note. Be enthusiastic about it (why else would you comment on it?) but don’t go overboard. If she’s buying a box of cereals, you don’t need to pretend as if it’s a life changing experience.

The Follow Up Trick To Get Her Talking

As a general rule of thumb, you immediately want to let her know that you’re busy and provide an indication that you won’t be talking to her for a long time. The last thing that a girl wants is a creepy guy talking to her for long periods of time, or worse, following her home. If you immediately tell her: “I’m doing some last second shopping before I head back home” she’ll feel more at ease talking to you because she won’t feel as if you’re going to be hard to get rid of later on. By letting her know that you’re busy and you have something to do immediately afterward, she’ll feel more comfortable talking to you because she knows it won’t be for long. So remember, let her know early on that you’re busy and it will go a long way.

What to Talk About With the Girl

What you say is quite important and it all comes back to the first thing I mentioned: You have to find out what you like about her other than her appearance. What do you look for in a girl? What kind of qualities do you really want to find? What kind of activities would your ideal girl do? Once you know what you’re looking for in a girl, you’re much more likely to find it. For example, if you’re looking for girl that’s really honest and trustworthy, then while in line you could jokingly ask if she’s smuggling anything out of the store in her pockets. When she replies “No, I’d never do that!” then you can reply that you like a girl that’s honest. Allow me to explain why this works.

First, when you approach a girl with the desire to find out more about her life, it immediately puts you in the selector’s frame of mind. Instead of her deciding if she likes you or not, you’re the one that chooses. This is because the person that’s asking the questions is the person that’s selecting. Depending on her answers, you’ll either like her or not. This puts you in control of the situation, instead of the other way around.

Second, when you find something you like in a person, it’s only natural to want to keep contact with them and take the interaction a little further. That’s why, as soon as you find an aspect you like in a girl, you’ll want to let her know that you approve of it. In her mind, when you ask for her number, she’ll think: “Oh, he really likes the fact that I teach art part time, that’s why he’s asking me out” never mind that the real reason you initially approached her was because you thought she was beautiful.

If you’re truly serious about how to pick up a girl in day to day situations, then I have something to recommend to you that I think will help. The book Double Your Dating by David Deangelo covers in detail how to build attraction, approach girls without hesitating and explains how some guys can go from not being able to talk to girls to having a full calendar of dates the next month. As you’ll see in the review, I highly recommend it if you’re serious about dating.

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August 22, 2010
Sergio Reyes

I’m impressed with the simplicity of your article. Your redaction is pretty good. Congratulations.

I like the idea of discover something attractive in the woman you are approaching -different from her beauty of course. I think it is very assertive. After all you are generally looking for something more than beauty in a woman.

I’d like to put in practice your idea this week.

I enjoyed a lot your post, great job.