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Learn How To Pick Up Girls

pick up girls Learn How To Pick Up Girls
Assuming you’d like to know how to pick up girls in any situation, the fastest way to learn is to watch other guys do it first. Learning from other men is probably the best way to go about it if you’ve never done it before. The odd thing is that if you ask a guy who’s naturally good at picking up girls to describe what he does, he probably won’t have a clue. That brings me to my biggest tip when picking up women: Don’t think about it and certainly don’t think about the possible outcome.

When you first walk up to a woman, if you’re concerned with if  she likes you or not, then you’re almost always going to fail. Doing this will cause your body to tense up, your hands to be sweaty and your mind will likely draw a complete blank. All this is because you care about the outcome!

Instead, if you walk up to a girl without caring about what she thinks at the end, you’ll feel much more confident, you will find an abundance of things to say and consequently, your chances of success will skyrocket! Although it’s perfectly normal to be slightly nervous, you’ll learn that the most successful guys are actually usually pretty calm about the whole experience.

Guys forget that picking up girls should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and the girl in question. If at any point you start feeling awkward, then you’re doing it wrong.

picking up girls Learn How To Pick Up Girls

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9 Responses

March 17, 2009

I really liked this advice, be detached from the outcome!
I just have to keep this in mind

March 17, 2009

Good run down of the different openers a guy should do. I think it’s interesting the way you want them to simply go up and open even though they aren’t prepared for it.

It’s kind of like pushing someone in the water when they don’t know how to swim. It works, but it’s scary as hell !

March 17, 2009

Good advice, solid. I’ll be trying those out tonight when I’m picking up (or trying to) at the club!

April 3, 2009

Glad to be able to help !

April 5, 2009

Good article on picking up girls, I just finished reading approach tips and they really compliment each other well.

July 13, 2009
Conrad Dixon

Great little article, love the chart… it’s the pick-up pie.

most important is definitely getting out there and approaching women… like over 90% of guys just don’t do it… no wonder you feel anxious about finding a girlfriend when you don’t approach.



January 17, 2010

Great article man.
i love how you emphasize being outcome independent. I think having a strong inner game and not being too worried about the outcome are huge factors for your success

August 8, 2010

Hey chris, first of all congratulations for this site, it’s great! But I agree with “chicksareforme” in this point:
It’s unimaginabely scary just to walk over to a woman and say “Hello, I saw you and I just wanted to say “Hi” “, when you have never done it yet.
Isn’t that a bit too hard?

September 2, 2010
Matthew Morrow

Great advice man im going to have to try it sometime. I just need to stop being scared