Demonstration Of Higher Value – DHV

The definition of a demonstration of higher value, more commonly known through the acronym DHV is simply a statement that increases your social status relative to the people around you. Originally introduced by Mystery, Erik Von Markovich, who showed that demonstrating higher value increases your attractiveness. The more you are worth, the more desirable you are. Hhow can you go about demonstrating higher value? Well there are a few ways.

Direct DHV

The first way, most common and probably the least recommended one is to demonstrate higher value by telling people directly about yourself. Saying, “Oh hi, I’m friends with this celebrity” might increase your status if people think you’re being sincere, but usually they’ll just think you’re trying to impress them and might not believe you in the first place. The risk of direct DHV is that people might think you’re lying, in which case it would be DLV (Demonstration of lower value).

Instead, a good way to DHV while still being direct is to bring up accomplishments and facts about yourself in a contextual situation. For example, if people are talking about traveling, you could mention that you had a good time in New Zealand and that you recommend going to see the beaches with penguins. Contextual DHV works much better because it simply sounds as if you had something to share. In this example, people would be envious that you’re well travelled, cultured and have adventurous mind.

If the conversation is headed in a direction where you can’t possibly DHV naturally, then take charge and steer the conversation where you want it to go. Good story telling is one of the best ways of conveying massive DHV while still seeming natural. For instance, you could be telling the story about your adventure in Peru, and while you were there, you can mention that you absorded the language in a few weeks. Using specific stories, you can DHV as much as you want without coming off as a show off, or someone that’s trying to impress people


Indirect DHV

However, the absolute best DHV is indirect demonstration of higher values. Indirect means that people around you accidentaly find out about something good that you’ve done. For instance, if you’re just talking on the phone and one of your friends mentions that he left his phone in your Bentley, then you automatically get massive DHV without even mentioning that you had great car. Now you don’t need to have an expensive car to accomplish this, simply get a friend to mention something good about you while others are around and then act modest. If a friend says you’re great, then it’s much more effective.

Finally, if a stranger says that you’re great because of a certain reason, then that’s the ultimate DHV. For instance, if you walk into a place and everyone says “Hi” to you, then you automatically have massive value in that environment. Anyone watching will notice that you’re important, so make sure you get to know the staff in places that you frequent. If they all greet you when you walk in, it will be much easier for you to pick up a girl that’s there that night.

DHV Spikes

Similar to many attraction techniques, DHV spikes must be used in moderation. If you just start listing accomplishments, or if you’re trying too hard then this will have a negative effect on you. People tend to resent people that are too cool, so use it in moderation. That being said, if you’re telling a story and you throw in a little DHV about yourself, that’s called a DHV spike. You’ll want to play around with these in your interactions in order to build attraction to yourself.

Demonstration of higher value is simply letting other people know that you’re a cool, valuable member of society. It can be accomplished directly, indirectly through stories, jewelry, clothes, through your environment and even simply by being surrounded by people that are valuable. There are hundreds of ways to build DHV, just remember to be humble and subtle about it.

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July 30, 2009

what do you think of this, i start of with opinion opener, i will tease/neg there responce, then i will use my time restraint followed by a transition, transition being the best friends test ” you know what i noticed about u girls, ur close friends arnt u, yea i cud tell etc etc…..” then from there i will say so yea thts how i cud pick up u was close friends then say to the target, “and also i noticed something about u, ur nose wiggles when u speak haha quite cute then turn away and say to the friends, so who is most gullerble out of u girls, infact let me look at who i think looks the most gullerble then i pick the target. from there i do my 5 questions routine the one where she was to get all the questions wrong but on the 4th i say “how many was that?” if she is clever and catches me out on the 5th question ill be like “haha u caught me out uve played this b4 havnt u?” ALWAYS CATCHES THEM OUT ON 5TH ONE! anyway i say haha i new u was most gullerble i cud see tht gullerble innocent look in ur eyes,(This is my dhv story now)>>> “u remind me of my baby nephew check this out, last week i was at the pool with my baby nephew, i love my baby nephew he lives with me and he is glued to my hip, anyway there he was trotting around as i was speaking to my ex gf and her friends, then next thing i no i see him playing with this older boy about 6 years old, now im protective over my baby nephew but i thought nothing of it, so anyway i turn away for 5 secs and when i look back this boy is looking over into the pool and my baby nephew has dissepeared so i instantly run to the pool see my baby nephews worried lil face going under water so i dive in clothes on and everything. craddle him out the water and luckily he was ok, so i told the other lil boy of for wot he had done and my ex gf came over askin wot happend, but listen to wot happend next!! next thing i no i feel a wack on the back of my head it stunned me abit i must admit, i turned around nd this boys dad had punched me from behind, so i lose my temper and i hit him back and im on top of him then just as i look up, i see this big fat jolly green monstar coming my way the wrong side of 30 stone this women was, and shes rolling my way, worst thing was she had no bra on, u cud see them things swininging from below knee height them things should not be allowed on our streets they looked lethal, anyway she dived on me and my ex gf and tried grabbing her of me and they started havin abit of a bitch fight, so i jump up in my ex gfs defence and try breaking it up but as i grab this women i rip her top the worst thing i ever done, cuz this saggy baggy boobie flops out her top, her nipples was like steel bullets ive never saw nothing like it and worst thing was this saggy boobie was flying towards my face, u ever saw the matrix when he has to dodge backwards to dodge a bullet well i had to do this to dogdge these bullet nipples it was a scary experience, anyway girls moral of story is dont ever get into a fight with a women with saggy baggy boobies if she catches u with one, it might be lights out haha.

from there i go into so whats u girls names then? then i push and pull, then i ask how the no each other etc…… cud u shorten this story anyway? what cud i do to improve this story any tips? if this story cudnt be used at this stage cud u give me any pointers on how to develop a short story which is interesting and dhv?

August 4, 2009

To the above guy… If you want to shorten it cut out the fat woman, it got a bit unbelievable from that point on and maybe a bit disrespectful to women, i dunno. Definitely change the punching part to having your ex-girlfriend see what happened and yell at the kid. Then the mother and your ex first has a verbal fight then a cat fight… and how you broke it up. It doesn’t seem believable to have people swinging punches everywhere, cat fights make more sense.

May 22, 2010

to Kozie
mate, get your own stories and lines. I seem to remeber that 5 questions test is Neil Strauss’ and the booby one is Mystery’s.