How To Approach Girls In The Real World

I love to chat on forums and dating sites because when I’m there I have absolutely no problems approaching girls.  It’s actually really enjoyable for me to see how they react and behave to my different approaches. Online, I don’t have any shyness or fear and these days  Facebook and Myspace actually seem like a game for me. I like to see how long I can keep their attention. I think what helps me the most is the fact that I feel completely anonymous, so when something goes wrong, nobody can do or say anything bad about me. I can simply go on and approach another girl and not feel bad about the last one that didn’t work out.

I’m looking forward to transferring my online ability to the real world  (bars, clubs, parties, gatherings etc). I feel that I’m on the right track but there’s something missing before I can apply all of this in my day to day life.

So now I’m wondering, how can I overcome this difficult transition from online pick up to the real world?


Approaching girls answer:

First, begin by approaching women that don’t impress you. Start by talking to every single girl that doesn’t impress you or intimidate you. It can be ugly chicks, soccer moms, grandmas crossing the street, your sister, cousins, friends from childhood, girls who sell stuff (They are paid to be nice to you). Talk to these kind of girls until you feel like you can approach prettier girls, then prettier, then even prettier girls. There is no miracle trick for approaching beautiful women without fear, you have to work the fear out of your system through practice and hard work.

No tricks, Motivation:

You don’t need tricks.

Instead, you need motivation.

So here’s some: Every time you see an attractive girl in public, think to yourself: “If I don’t approach her, I will never have sleep with her.” Of course, that’s true.

Attractive women don’t tend to approach men, even if they think you’re the best looking guy on the planet (perhaps especially if they think that).  If you’re in a public place and there’s a hot girl there, there are two possibilities: Either she’s not attracted to your looks and therefore you are insignificant to her, or she is attracted to your looks and would be easily open to an approach.  Either way, she will not approach you.  The only way to really find out is to approach her and see what happens.  Once you do, the worst that can happen is a rejection and what does that mean?

Absolutely nothing.

Additional Tip On Approaching Women:

I’m pretty shy and find this hard – though not as hard as I used to.  I think the secret is approaching lots and being prepared to crash and burn.  After a while you’ll begin to realize what works and what doesn’t. Read some articles on openers before you start. Also if you are shy it’s usually best to get straight in and chat so someone (or anyone) rather than linger in a corner waiting for an opportunity.

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March 15, 2009

Good article, I usually talk to my boys before going out… it helps but it’s still nice to talk to all the ladies when you walk into a place. It gets you warmed up

March 15, 2009

I wish life was more like WoW, I have no problems there

March 15, 2009

Don’t warm up ! Just go right to the first HB you see

March 15, 2009

I can’t wait to try this out tonight, I’m going to talk to 20 girls that I don’t care about

October 28, 2009

okay, i’ve got a question: I’m a girl but I actually have more difficulty then most men I know in talking to other girls!!! I know some of these laws of attraction can work platonically. What should I do? Please help!

November 7, 2009
Muhammad Aslam Khawaja

i really find a beautiful , honest, lovable, understand to family value, share the problem

December 16, 2009

How about having it a try on a tips in motivation..
when there are friends around you when you notice a hot girl..try playing some games like trick or treat..when you get the ‘trick’ you will have to admit it..take it as the motivation to approach that girl..

December 5, 2010
Paul luckov

thank you i love this site it helps me alot this is better then those cheesy pick up lines never work and i hate them. thank you this helps alot