Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

About Us

How To Seduction was founded at the brink of 2009 as a sister site to Art Of Seductions. It’s main goal is to create an easily browsable resource of information for men looking to improve with women. As most articles on improving with women seemed to have a guide and instructional theme to them, the name seemed appropriate and fortunately, was still available to be registered.

The Beginning

Originally founded by Chris Calo, the HowToSeduction site now has 3 authors (and growing) writing compelling, genuine articles on seduction. The mentality that we have is to provide the best, most accurate and efficient information on the topic that we write. That being said, sometimes that information is new and sometimes the best information available has already been provided by other sources.

Our Articles

If the best information has already been provided by another source, then we’ll take care in re-writing the information to be easily understood and simplify if possible the content with graphs and charts. Therefore all the articles on HowToSeduction are original, but some of the ideas might not be. If an idea was borrow from somewhere, full credit to the original author is given for his thought.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eventually become the leading resource online for dating tips, attraction, approaching techniques and relationships. To accomplish this, we will be building a force of writers that concentrate on quality and accuracy. Within 3 years, we aim to have over 1000 articles on every area of dating.

We hope you join us on our journey.

– HowToSeduction Staff