Learn How To Pick Up Girls

pick up girls Learn How To Pick Up Girls
Assuming you’d like to know how to pick up girls in any situation, the fastest way to learn is to watch other guys do it first. Learning from other men is probably the best way to go about it if you’ve never done it before. The odd thing is that if you ask a guy who’s naturally good at picking up girls to describe what he does, he probably won’t have a clue. That brings me to my biggest tip when picking up women: Don’t think about it and certainly don’t think about the possible outcome.

How to Approach Girls

approach girls How to Approach Girls
The most important lesson you can learn when learning how to approach girls is to realize that one day, you’re going to grow old. While you’re reflecting on your life, you’ll remember all those missed opportunities that you should have taken. Every single time you failed to approach a girl, all those missed approaches will haunt you. So make the most of your time on earth while you’re still young and enjoy it.

Take a moment to think about it. When you’re approaching women, what’s the worst thing that a girl can possibly say to you if you ask her on a date? The worse she can say is “no” right? Well you’re wrong! The worse she can say is that she wouldn’t go out with you if were the last man on Earth, that you’re ugly and disgusting and you should never talk to her again.

How To Make a Girl Smile

girl smile How To Make a Girl Smile
While I was at a party the other day, I stood there drinking my beer and casually observed a really gorgeous woman from a distance.  I wanted to see what guys did to try to pick her up. Like most hot girls at the party, she was surrounded by guys that were all trying to pick her up. Then out of the blue, one guy and said something to her that made her laugh so hard. And he only said one sentence!

What was it? Was it a pickup line?

How To Approach Girls In The Real World

approach hand How To Approach Girls In The Real World
I love to chat on forums and dating sites because when I’m there I have absolutely no problems approaching girls.  It’s actually really enjoyable for me to see how they react and behave to my different approaches. Online, I don’t have any shyness or fear and these days  Facebook and Myspace actually seem like a game for me. I like to see how long I can keep their attention. I think what helps me the most is the fact that I feel completely anonymous, so when something goes wrong, nobody can do or say anything bad about me. I can simply go on and approach another girl and not feel bad about the last one that didn’t work out.

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Great job guys! I teach but it’s you guys that actually put the hard work in.