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How To Get A Girlfriend

Progression of Time Spent Together

Assuming you already have a girl in mind, the next step you need to take is to spend time with her. The more time you spend with her, the more you are to form a relationship with her. The one commonality that couples have is the following: they all spend a lot of time with each other. Even in long distance relationships, the couples usually end up talking to each other for hours every day. Therefore, if you want any chance of getting a girlfriend, you’re going to have to see her a few times a week.

get girlfriend How To Get A Girlfriend

Even though how often you see each other is very important, it’s actually the progression that is even more important. Allow me to explain. When you first meet a girl, you’re usually going to go out once or twice per week together. Then, as things progress, you’ll end up spending 3-4 days a week together, at which point the relationship will naturally turn into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, assuming there is attraction involved.

The problem that many guys encounter is that they simply go completely overboard too quickly. Although the progression rate varies tremendously from person to person, if you start calling a girl and asking her to hang out every single night, you’ll come across as needy, which as we covered, is not what we want. Instead, I advocate spending as much time as you want together without it feeling forced. If you lead a relatively empty life and she’s really busy, then you’ll want to match her busy life and hang out maybe once a week at the start. Contrastingly, if she’s free most of the time, then you can can progress much quicker. Ideally, find a girl with as much free time as you, that way you won’t be bored when she’s busy.

Remember To Build Attraction

Finally, the last crucial part of getting a girlfriend is building attraction. Without attraction, you’ll forever get caught up in the “Let’s just be friends” zone which is far from what you want when you like a girl. Remember that attraction is a fire that can be ignited if you mix the right elements together. Make sure to read up on the numerous articles on how to create attraction on How-To Seduction, and refer anyone in need to this how to get a girlfriend article.

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