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How To Get A Girlfriend

For example, if she makes you laugh, then just laugh. You can also tell her that she’s witty or cute when she’s clumsy… depending on the circumstances. All that matters is that the girl in question knows that you’re interested in her for the right reasons. If you simply want a girlfriend as a status symbol,  because you feel that she’ll fix everything in your life or simply because you believe that you’ll have more chances of sleeping with her, then she’ll very likely reject you at your first approach.

Instead, make sure she knows why you like her, and have genuinely good reasons that you disclose slowly and subtly over time. Do not, under any circumstances, start professing your love, listing all the reasons why she’s the love of your life. You may have seen such a scene in a movie, where the guy gets the girl by telling her every last little detail about why he likes her, but in reality (and remember, that’s where we live), that simply doesn’t work.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Having someone profess their undying love for you is… well, kind of awkward at best and repelling most of the time. Instead, the next time she does something you like, simply let her know that you noticed it and you enjoy what she did. Then move on and act as if you never said anything. Eventually, she’ll realize that you like her for the right reasons.

So how can you make the switch from being needy to being happy without a girlfriend? Well, the path will differ for many, and on your journey, you’re likely to find a girlfriend without even trying. However, let’s assume you’re already coming from a place of abundance, you’re already happy with your life and you want a girl for the right reasons… then what?

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