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How To Flirt With Women

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Ok, I should wear bright colors and dress a bit more like a girl” …. NO, you shouldn’t! Anyone wearing a mini-skirt without the proper equipment better be in an Gaelic parade.

What you want to have clothes that attract attention while still making you look like a man. How? Well, for starters, get nice clothes. If you shop at Wall-Mart for your clothes, you’re only making it harder for yourself. Instead, go for some designer clothes. Having subtle yet fancy designs on your clothes will attract attention and so will having clean brand new shoes. My friend at Kinowear will help you figure out how to look in order to attract women. Just don’t get carried away with the more feminine looks… he likes to go overboard.

kinowear look7 How To Flirt With Women
(Taken from LookBook7)

Alright, so assuming you have the attire, now what?

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2 Responses

April 5, 2009

Yeah, it’s true that you need to read between with the lines when you’re flirting with women. Good tips

June 23, 2009

I agree with this. Now I just need to execute. (Sigh….) Easier said then done.