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How To Be More Confident With Women

Additional Comments About Gaining Confidence

At the end of the day, confidence doesn’t come easy. If I painted the picture that you can simply go to the gym and be confident, then I’d like to apologize because although that’s a great method, it won’t do it alone. Confidence is something you have to work on every single day. You will have to be rejected many times over to toughen you up, you’ll have to accomplish many feats that you never thought possible and eventually, you’ll be showered with compliments you never expected.

Hard work will solve any confidence issues, so get to it today.

From my experience, if you follow this advice on how to be more confident with women, then within a few weeks you’ll start noticing massive differences. This includes going to the gym, getting female friends and actively approaching women. If you don’t, then you can be as good looking as you want and you still won’t get any women.

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March 17, 2009

I know going to the gym really helps but it’s so hard! I really wish there was an easier fix

March 17, 2009

If there’s one area where i lack, this is it.

I know what I’m supposed to do, but when I do it I just hesitate and I know that girls see my lack of confidence. One day I’ll figure it out…

March 17, 2009

Good advice,

Here’s another one:

Hang out with people that are worse looking than you, then you’ll automatically feel good looking!

March 17, 2009

Don’t do that, if you hang out with people that are worse looking than you, it lowers your social value. Hang out with good looking people and then you’ll be used to being surrounded by beautiful people.

March 17, 2009

GUYS, it’s not all about looks.

Confidence is about knowing that you’re good. It’s about accomplishments, go out and do something you’re proud of. Then you’ll feel confident.

March 18, 2010
Alex Berry

Hellomon: you’ll get it figured out “eventually”?

Forget that! If you want to change. Then Change!!
You know all of those people that make fun of you and instantly judge you? They are not your friends, so who cares what they think? (I’ve been there, I was they guy who sat in his desk quietly in school and never made eye-contact with anybody)
Find somebody who likes you for who you are. If YOU don’t like who you are then just do something about it. It’s that simple